Patricia Mallinson

Divorce & Life Transition Coach

Patricia Mallinson is a trained and educated coach through the highly accredited CoachU University and a Texas licensed family mediator. She is also a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and abides by their ethics and standards.  She is an experienced life and business coach that has chosen to focus her talents on helping people in the midst of relationship transitions.  Her practice focuses on assisting families by aiding the parents in what can be a confusing, angering and emotional time, redirecting their focus on coming to grips

with the situation that disconnecting situation throws upon them.  She has personally experienced the ups and downs of going through a custody battle, the legalities of divorce and the emotional turmoil of the dissolving of a relationship.

During the past few years, she has successfully completed her Professional Life and Business Coaching Certification and has obtained her certifications in Mediation for the Texas Court System as well as for Family Mediation. This has allowed her to strengthen her foundation for the positive and conciliatory interactions with people that are experiencing conflict and challenges. It has also created profound impact within her client’s life and in their relationships with others.

Her continued passion is to maintain her track record in bringing people together to create mediated agreements as well as assisting others to transition their lives through difficult times by coaching them with a strong ear and an open mind. Her background and personal experience includes family litigation, domestic violence, anger management, parenting coaching and divorce recovery.  She easily identifies with others and relates through their healing process. Her own experience has helped her create successful guides for her clients to follow to help with their situations.  When working with her clients, she tries to apply the experiences and education she has been through while raising her family, she has been inspired by them and she hopes that she can help and share this with the people that she works with to help make their divorce easier and less stressful.